Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Jubilee Gang Summer tour season comes to an end

 Jubilee Gang Summer tour season comes to an end

We just finished our last event for summer 2017. So far this year, we have ministered in 14 states, in 25 churches, traveled over 21,000 miles and have seen 766 people born again and make Jesus Lord of their lives during 27 different events.
Its been an exciting year with many victories and struggles. The new video wall and lights performed great and was an awesome addition to our ministry events. We noticed that the graphics on video wall helped hold younger children's attention during our times of teaching. The new lights were memorizing for all ages with many oooohs and aaaahs during our intro's for our events. All this new equipment is only a tool to help teach the word of God and hold children's attention, so they will retain what is being taught.
Over half of our events this year were family events. It's always awesome to see entire families including children, teens, and adults learn together,  worship together, have fun together, and ultimately  experience God together. So many times the church separates children, teens, and adults at church. Jubilee Gang Family events are a time where children can experience God and church with their parents and grandparents. We saw many times where entire families came forward and knelt around the altar to worship God and surrender their lives to him. Not only have we seen children born again this year, but several adults and teens have come forward to surrender their lives to God. 
Testimonies from the road.
Jubilee Gang is a great ministry! We have had JG at our church many times over the last 9 years. This year they added a family worship time at the altar which I thought was such a powerful time of worship. The message is engaging and children understand and are making heart decisions to love Jesus.
One grandma came to me and said, "On the way home, my grandson says, grandma, my heart is clean now!" Thank you Lord and thank you Jubilee Gang for being such a blessing.

Neisa Nunez Children's Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Cheshire, CT

Being a children's pastor for almost 15 years, I've hosted many children's ministry teams. When hiring / inviting a team to come, I look for several things: 1) successful track record leading kids to Christ, 2) A quality presentation that glorifies our King with its excellence and attracts kids and parents, 3) Ministry Leaders with integrity, who stick by their word (and contracts). Successful Evangelism, Excellent Presentation, Trustworthy Leadership: Jubilee Gang Ministries, and Jerry & Candy Moyer always excel in all three of these areas. I always keep my eyes open for opportunities where I can partner with them.
Don Dore' Children's Pastor at Hope Christian Church in North Haven, CT
Pictures from the road
Cornerstone Church in Cheshire, CT
Cornerstone Church in Cheshire, CT
Five Rivers Church in Elkton, MD

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Family Revival in South Bend, IN

Last week we ministered at Christian Center Church in South Bend, IN for a Family VBS / Revival.

 During this 3 day event we saw 65 children come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their life. During 2 of these services we saw entire families children, teen, and adults around the altar together  on their knees worshiping God and going after more of Him together.

It's always awesome to see entire families learn together, worship together, have fun together, and experience God together.

Next week we will be  ministering at  2 churches in CT and one church in MD to finish up our summer tour season. Then in Sept. we will be in TX and FL

Testimonies from the road.

What an incredible 3 days of ministry at Christian Center Church with the Jubilee Gang! 65 children committed their lives to following Jesus and had a blast doing it.
Scott Phenis Children's Pastor at Christian Center Church in South Bend, IN

I had the honor tonight to be able to sit on an Jubilee Gang service and was thrilled to see such a focused on the gospel interactive service as I experienced. The flow of the service was seamless. There was so many different ways to teach the same truth. As a Family Ministries Pastor, I work to reinforce truths many ways and learned a lot from their service. Jerry and Candy expertly wove the truths for 2 hours and ministered to all of the learning styles as well as to multi age participants. If you are looking for something that is a notch above, you won't go wrong with Jubilee Gang. Time just flew by!
Linda Hartman Children's Pastor in Goshen, IN

What an amazing program. One of the best VBS I have attended with my 4 year old daughter. They easily keep your attention and break it down for kids to enjoy and learn about Jesus. My favorite part was seeing the kids at the altar. Thanks for coming to South Bend! We loved how the whole family was a part of it.
Jordan and Amanda Mayfield
Parents in South Bend, IN

We enjoyed it very much!!! PTL!!!
Howard Cooper South Bend, IN

Was an amazing service last night with the Jubilee gang! :) Loved it!♥ Hope they will be back again next year!
Nancy Lein South Bend, IN
Pictures from the road