Tuesday, April 3, 2018



Every day more than 70,000 people die in this world without ever having heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

There are 4.5 billion people on the earth today that do not know Jesus.

That means that they are dying and going to Hell.

Does that concern you? Does it cause you to want to do something to bring people to Jesus?

In the Christian church world today, we have lost the urgency of sharing the Gospel with the world. We have fallen asleep with doctrine that says that we need to be a silent light to the world; we need to make our church services comfortable for people that are unsaved, so they will want to come to our churches.

Keith Green once said "I'd rather have people hate me with the knowledge that I tried to save them."

If you were a fireman and saw a person screaming out a window of a burning house “HELP!, HELP!”  Would you just stand by and watch them burn and say well I pray they find their way out of that burning house! I don’t want to offend them so I’m not going to go show them the way out. NO you would do anything possible to help them. Yet we as the body of Christ stand by without any sense of urgency and people all around us sink into the depths of Hell.

Leonard Ravenhill put it this way “Could a mariner sit idle if he heard the drowning cry? Could a doctor sit in comfort and just let his patients die? Could a fireman sit idle, let men burn and give no hand? Can you sit at ease in Zion with the world around you DAMNED?"

Has the church world become so focused on growing our churches or ministries that we have forgotten what we are in ministry for in the first place. Jesus said in the Great commission to “go into all the world and make Disciples,” to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.”  However, we have changed it to “make our churches so warm and inviting that people will want to come and are not offended.”

Healthy things naturally grow. If our churches are not growing, we have to ask ourselves, “Are they really healthy?”

Thomas C. Oden said, “The church that becomes focused upon maintaining itself instead of the gospel becomes a dead branch of the living vine.”

Over my 24 year in ministry, I have seen many churches that do not lead people to Jesus during their services. I have seen many Children’s Pastors that do not pray with children to be born again. That is reserved for kid’s camp or special services that happen only a few times per year. Ideally evangelism is not to take place in the church building, but out in the world during our every day life. But what if we knew that one of the people in our services this week was going to die after the service on the way home would it change our approach?  We do not know what the future for our self holds much less everyone in our weekly services.

I have been to Christian concerts where the artist presented the gospel but, never gave a chance for people to receive salvation. Many times it’s because of a teaching that has circulated the body of Christ that it is our job to just present the good news. If people believe it they will go get it. One preacher presented the gospel and said go home and think about this and if you really want it, come back tomorrow and be born again. The reason for this is because ministers do not want people to respond out of emotion or in the heat of the moment. They want to make sure that the people responding are serious and truly want to make Jesus Lord of their lives. Not just responding to an artist or preacher that is influencing them. This is understandable! I have the same concerns ministering to children. I could manipulate the service in such a way that my altars would be packed every service. For this reason I purposely stay away from these practices. However, I hardly ever end a service without giving the lost an opportunity to be born again. If the Gospel is properly presented and people are not manipulated we can rule out most of the people that really do not understand or are being moved by emotion.

On the night of October 8, 1871, D.L. Moody finished a message with some words he regretted for the rest of his life. So great was his remorse that he committed himself to never making the same mistake again. The title of Moody's sermon was "What Shall I Do with Jesus?" At the end, he announced, "Now I want you to take the question with you and think it over, and next Sunday I want you to come back and tell me what you're going to do with Him." But, next Sunday never came. As Moody dismissed his audience, the nearby courthouse fire bell sounded. At the time, no one had any idea how serious the blaze would become. As it turned out, the hall in which Moody spoke, the church he established, and his home were all destroyed in the inferno that became the Great Chicago Fire, along with more than 18,000 other buildings. But Moody hardly gave a second thought to his gutted home and church. They could easily be replaced – but not the lost souls. It was the memory of the audience he never saw again that was seared in his mind for the rest of his life.

The Bible says in 2 cor. 6:2 “behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation” and I will add to this, for tomorrow may be too late!

Where is our urgency to lead People to Jesus? Where is our urgency to save people from hell?

There is a new trend that teaches that it is the parent’s job to lead the children into the new birth. I do not disagree with this. Ultimately, it should be the parent that prays with their children to be born again. I prayed with my son to be born again while driving in a car when he was just a child. But to be honest about this, a lot of parents do not have a firm grip on what being born again is themselves, or are not comfortable discussing it with their children. I pray that this changes.

If we always put it in the parents ball park and they drop the ball, or maybe they are not even born again themselves, or they do not go to church themselves, do we let these children creep through the cracks of our system? There must be a time where children have a chance to be born again while they are attending our services. It must be high on our priority list for children coming up through our churches.

If we let people leave our services unsaved because we believe that evangelism should only take place outside our church building, have we allowed people to slip through the cracks of our pet doctrine?

I am in no way saying that we should be preaching hell fire and brimstone every week to pack out our altars with people, however ask your self this question. “How long has it been since I gave people an opportunity to receive salvation and be born again in my service?”  Do you even remember? There is a disturbing trend that a lot of churches today just do not give that opportunity for people to be born again at church. Some churches I know personally have gone months even years and have not led any one person to Jesus.

Ultimately evangelism should be taking place outside the church and the church should be a place to bring the newly saved to be disciple however, let us not ignore the opportunity to lead someone to Jesus that could have came with a hunger in their heart to get right with God or give their live to God and we have just provided a religious experience for them or allowed them to have a religious awakening but they walk away without a true conversion, without being introduced to Jesus, without being born again because of a pet doctrine we have created because of abuse or manipulation that we have seen in the past.

Where is our Urgency? Have we fallen asleep? Have we learned to ignore the fact that without Jesus, without being born again that people will die and spend an eternity in Hell?

John Wesley said  “You have nothing to do but to save souls. Therefore spend and be spent in this work. And go not only to those that need you, but to those that need you most…It is not your business to preach so many times, and to take care of this or that society; but to save as many souls as you can; to bring as many sinners as you possibly can to repentance.”

Oswald J. Smith  said “Oh, to realize that souls, precious, never dying souls, are perishing all around us, going out into the blackness of darkness and despair, eternally lost, and yet to feel no anguish, shed no tears, know no travail! How little we know of the compassion of Jesus!"

William Booth the founder of the Salvation Army said 'Not called!' did you say? 'Not heard the call,' I think you should say. Put your ear down to the Bible, and hear him bid you go and pull sinners out of the fire of sin. Put your ear down to the burdened, agonized heart of humanity, and listen to its pitiful wail for help. Go stand by the gates of hell, and hear the damned entreat you to go to their father's house and bid their brothers  and sisters, and servants and masters not to come there. And then look Christ in the face, whose mercy you have professed to obey, and tell him whether you will join heart and soul and body and circumstances in the march to publish his mercy to the world.'

It is not my motivation for this article to come across condemning or that you feel guilty enough that you do something. It is simply a wake up call! For I fear that the church world as a whole has fallen asleep!  

Willie George said “reaching the lost is the lifeblood of a church. If you aren't winning souls, be so disturbed about it that you change!”

Jerry Moyer
Jubilee Gang Ministries
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Monday, March 19, 2018

Jubilee Gang Ministries March Update: 40 people born again!

 Leading Children to Jesus
March 2018 Update

During March we did 2 family events in Summerville, GA and Ansted, WV. During these 2 events we saw 40 people including children, teens, and adults come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their life. It's always awesome to see multiple generations learn together, worship together, have fun together, and ultimately experience God together. 

Testimonies from the road

This is the second time that we have had the pleasure to work with Jerry and Candy. Their ministry is high energy, fun, and exciting, but most importantly they want to spread the gospel of truth by meeting children and families where they are. Jubilee gang is great for large and small churches alike. We highly recommend them to other churches looking to hold a Kids/Family Crusade.
Naomi West Pastors Wife Ansted, WV

As a Pastor it is such a blessing to know that there are ministries that we can trust with our Church. Evangelists Jerry and Candy of Jubilee Gang bring a Bible Based and gospel focused ministry that not only touches children, but people of all ages. We have had Jubilee Gang in our church several times and we are always blessed as we see people born again. The Family Services lead people of all ages to Jesus. We highly recommend Jubilee Gang
Pastor Ed Akers Victorious Living Church Grove City, OH

Below are a few pictures from our March events.

Family Event at Redemption Worship Center in Summerville, GA

Family event at Fresh Fountain Worship Center in Ansted, WV

Jerry praying with 4 young men to make Jesus Lord of their life in Summerville, GA

Friday, March 2, 2018

February Update: 100 people born again!

During February we ministered at 2 Assembly of God Kids Conventions one for the MI district and one for the West FL district. We also did 2 family services at Victorious Living Church in Grove City, OH. During these 3 events we saw around 100 people come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their life.
During our family event in Grove City, OH we saw entire families including children, teens , and adults learn together, worship together, have fun together, and experience God together. It's always awesome to see entire families around the alter on their knees worshiping and going after more of God together. We truly had a family God Encounter!

Below are pictures from February's events
MI District AG Kids Convention Winter Blast in Battle Creek, MI

West FL District Kids Convention Winter Blitz in Panama City, FL

Family Event at Victorious Living Church in Grove City, OH

Candy helping out Wild Thing with some wise counsel in Grove City, OH

Families around the altar in Grove City, OH worshiping and experiencing God together.

Monday, January 22, 2018

January Update: 40 people born again!

We have had an awesome 2018 so far with 3 bookings in January. This winter we have more bookings than any year that I can remember with 2 or 3 bookings each month from January - April . Usually these months are our down time. However, this year we are quite full during this time of the year.
   During January we have had 3 Family Events at 3 churches in OH and MO and have seen 40 people including adults, teens, and children come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their life.  Its always awesome to see entire families children, teens, and adults learn together, worship together, have fun together, and ultimately experience God together. 

Below are a few Pictures from our events in January

New Life of Springfield in Springfield, OH
Laura Street Baptist Church in Marryville, MO

Laura Street Baptist Church in Marryville, MO

Riversong Worship Center in North Lewisburg, OH

Friday, January 5, 2018

Salvation is a free gift that will cost you eveything

I have noticed that when Christians describe their relationship with Jesus, they usually say “Jesus is my Lord and Savior.” Many times, it’s said so fast that it’s all slurred together like “Lordandsavior.” Like it’s all one word. Over the last several decades the church has focused a lot on the savior part and with much teaching on grace as of late most people understand that salvation is a free gift that is paid for with the blood of Jesus that washes away our sin, so we can be born again.
What I have not heard a lot about is that even though Salvation is a free gift it will cost you everything.

I can hear people saying now. “Well how’s that? If it’s free how does it cost anything?”

Well, it cost God his only son.

It cost Jesus his Life.

It will cost us our life.

Salvation is FREE! There is nothing we can do to deserve it. It was paid for with the blood of Jesus. That’s why it’s called grace. We cannot earn it. Grace is an unearned favor. If you ask someone for a $5 favor you’re are asking them for $5 that you did not earn. It is not owed to you. We needed a huge favor from God and there is no way we could possibly earn it, pay for it, or be good enough to deserve it. Ephesians 2:8 says that “we are saved by grace through faith not of ourselves. It is the gift of God not by works.” Salvation is a gift from God that cannot be earned by good works. Most people have a pretty good grip on this part of the gospel.

What I feel we don’t have a good grip on is the Lord part. Romans 10:9 says “If you declare with your mouth, Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved”.

Sure, Jesus wants to be our savior or he would not have died on the cross, so we can be born again. But he also wants to be our Lord. The following Scriptures are things that Jesus said that we have not heard a lot about over the last several decades.

If ye love me, keep my commandments. John 14:15

Jesus said to his disciples, "Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.” Matthew 16:24

Deny yourself means that we quit doing things our way and start doing things God’s way. When people in the bible times took up a cross only one thing happened. They died. We must die to ourselves and live unto God. Many times, dying hurts! When we die to our plans and take up God’s plans many times it will hurt. It will hurt because we really wanted to do certain things and now God might want us to do something different.

Jesus wants to be our Lord. Here in America we really don’t understand what Lord means like people in some other countries do. Lord means boss, master, we love what he loves and hate what he hates. When Jesus is our lord that means, we have turned our back on our way of doing things and we only do things His way. It will cost you everything to make Jesus your Lord. It will cost you your life. It will cost you your dreams and ambitions for your life for his dreams and ambitions for your life. Your plans and purposes for your life for his plans and purposes for your life. It’s not just saying “Jesus is my “Lordandsavior.” It actually means doing something. Doing his will for our life no matter what it cost us. Giving up our will for his will.

Jesus said in Luke 6:46 Why do you call me, 'Lord, Lord,' and do not do what I say”?

He said in Matthew 7:21 "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”

I believe that too many times we have presented the gospel to people emphasizing the Free gift of salvation and say to people “come say this simple prayer and you will be saved” and have not told them that Jesus wants to be their Lord. When we have said make him your Lord and savior we have not explained what Lord means.

Salvation is a free Gift! But following Jesus will cost you everything!

I think we have done people a big disservice by presenting a one-sided message. Everyone wants a “FREE GIFT” especially one that will get you out of hell and into heaven. People have not really understood what they were getting into. Then after they find out that Jesus wants their whole life, their will, their everything they say to themselves “I did not sign up for all this” and many times fall away.

I have often wondered why so many Christians ride the fence with one foot in the church and one foot in the world. They want just enough of God to escape their problem, but not enough of God to fulfill His purpose. When evaluating how we have presented the message of salvation it’s no wonder we have so many halfhearted Christians that have said a prayer and might be born again but are not living for God. There is no difference in them and the world. They never really understood that this “FREE GIFT” was going to cost them anything. So, we have our American version of Christianity where we love our American lifestyle and culture so much, that we are not willing to conform it to God’s will for our life. We are not willing to give up anything to follow Jesus; and Jesus wants it all.
I realize that some may say aren’t you preaching a works salvation by talking like this?
To that I would say NO!

We are not saved by our good works. We are saved unto good works. Paul said in Ephesians 2:10 "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them". The change in our heart when we are born again will produce the good works. Sure, we have a will we can choose not to listen to our heart and not do the will of our father, but if Jesus is really Lord of your life then you will want to do the will of your heavenly father.

When we are born again there is a change in our spirit man. According to Romans 5:5 God puts his love in our heart. That love will cause us to want to do good. As we listen to that love in our heart and obey it, we will follow God’s plan for our life.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Jubilee Gang Year End Update for 2018

Jubilee Gang Year End Update for 2018

  As we look back over this year, we feel so blessed and grateful for all God is doing through Jubilee Gang Ministries. We had another amazing year and saw so many lives touched, both children and adults.  This year we traveled over 28,000 miles, ministered in 16 states, 36 churches, which included 22 family events, 10 children’s events, 5 outreaches, and we saw 873 people born again and make Jesus lord of their life. This year we did a lot more family events. It is always awesome to see families learn together, worship together, have fun together, and ultimately experience God together.
   We also got our new stage with the LED video wall up and running this year. It was a great asset to our ministry. One unexpected benefit is that it seems to keep younger children’s attention span longer.  It’s an awesome teaching tool to present the gospel. We are so grateful that this new set is 75 percent paid off.

Testimonies from the Road

 Pastor Dave Reeves  at Redemption Worship Center, Summerville, GA says:  “Jerry, Candy, and Wild Thing made such a connection with our people! We witnessed salvation as well as the gospel explained easily and effectively. We will surely have them back again and again. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to the Lord.”

   Christina Sides-Williams at Agape Worship Center, in Hayti, MO  says: “From the outside its an amazing children’s ministry. But the reality is, its an outstanding ministry for family, singles, teens, couples, and everyone in between. Every night we enjoyed a different service filled with fun and laughter, love and learning and overflowing with God’s holy spirit! Do Not miss the chance to sew into this great ministry while bringing families closer to the Lord.”

Gwen Breinig from Christian Life Center in Merced, CA says, “The Jubilee Gang ministering to family's is a fantastic way to bring families together in worship, teaching, and fun. Jerry brings learning to a new and fun way that kids and adults can retain what they've learned. I know for myself the song he had everyone come forward kneeling and worshiping to "I Want More of You" I can't get out of my head. He teaches scriptures and life lessons at all levels. Loved all the new media and lights. We need more Jerry & Candy's spreading God's Word to our families and having revivals in our communities.”

   Shannon Ozbirm from Cornerstone Church of God, Red Bay, AL says, “The Jubilee Gang is awesome!! They have an amazing set up that keeps all ages engaged and coming back! Jerry & Candy are truly gifted and passionate about what they do! God is truly using them to reach souls for the kingdom through their ministry! We are so blessed and thankful we were able to have them at our church and look forward to them coming back in the future…”

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Jubilee Gang Fall Events Update

We just completed our September and  October. fall dates. During these months we ministered in 4 churches in TX, FL, & TN and saw 56 people get born again and  make Jesus Lord of their lives.
Over the next few months we will be doing a few events in our area and the surrounding states as well as resting and preparing for 2018.

Testimonies from the road.
 I would recommend any church that wants to go to the next level with your children's evangelism event to contact Jubilee Gang. The words I'd use to describe them are: Excellent. Up-to-date. Christ-Centered. Thank you for impacting so many lives here in Mt. Juliet and our families from the greater Nashville area. We were blessed to have you!
Russ Fairbanks, Lead Pastor, Covenant Fellowship Church of the Nazarene, Mount Juliet, TN

Our 3-day event at Melody Church was AMAZING thanks to Jubilee Gang! The services were fantastic and our adults loved them just as much as our kids did. I have been receiving raving reviews from Senior Board members all the way down to the kids in our kids church about how awesome Jerry and Candy were! It was fun, exciting, and entertaining for all ages! They truly brought a new meaning to a Family Service. The Bible teaching was brought down to a child’s level, but had so much insight added into it even for adults! I would highly recommend Jubilee Gang for anyone looking for that “new spark” for your ministry! They certainly left us motivated to step up our game, and even left us with advice and tips on just how to do it!
Skyler Phillips Children's Pastor, Melody Church in Live Oak, FL

Jerry and Candy are so down to earth and super humble. They have the biggest hearts for kids. Their audio and video set is incredible and a great tool. Jerry preached an awesome word from Matthew 7:24. The games, sound, lights, screen make the kids so eager to learn and grow. Jubilee Gang is a must for churches, camps, and conferences. Jerry ministered 2 night services and taught children's leaders. On Sunday morning our pastor was so thankful and appreciative of JUBILEE GANG'S gift to the body of Christ. The Sunday am family service was a huge success. Thank you for leading 10's of thousands of students to Christ through your ministry. We love you!
Ted Frazier, Associate Pastor, Melody Church, Live Oak, FL

 Pictures from the road
Melody Church in Live Oak, FL

Life Church in North Richland Hills, TX

Covenant Fellowship Church of the Nazarene in Mount Juliet, TN

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Jubilee Gang Summer tour season comes to an end

 Jubilee Gang Summer tour season comes to an end

We just finished our last event for summer 2017. So far this year, we have ministered in 14 states, in 25 churches, traveled over 21,000 miles and have seen 766 people born again and make Jesus Lord of their lives during 27 different events.
Its been an exciting year with many victories and struggles. The new video wall and lights performed great and was an awesome addition to our ministry events. We noticed that the graphics on video wall helped hold younger children's attention during our times of teaching. The new lights were memorizing for all ages with many oooohs and aaaahs during our intro's for our events. All this new equipment is only a tool to help teach the word of God and hold children's attention, so they will retain what is being taught.
Over half of our events this year were family events. It's always awesome to see entire families including children, teens, and adults learn together,  worship together, have fun together, and ultimately  experience God together. So many times the church separates children, teens, and adults at church. Jubilee Gang Family events are a time where children can experience God and church with their parents and grandparents. We saw many times where entire families came forward and knelt around the altar to worship God and surrender their lives to him. Not only have we seen children born again this year, but several adults and teens have come forward to surrender their lives to God. 
Testimonies from the road.
Jubilee Gang is a great ministry! We have had JG at our church many times over the last 9 years. This year they added a family worship time at the altar which I thought was such a powerful time of worship. The message is engaging and children understand and are making heart decisions to love Jesus.
One grandma came to me and said, "On the way home, my grandson says, grandma, my heart is clean now!" Thank you Lord and thank you Jubilee Gang for being such a blessing.

Neisa Nunez Children's Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Cheshire, CT

Being a children's pastor for almost 15 years, I've hosted many children's ministry teams. When hiring / inviting a team to come, I look for several things: 1) successful track record leading kids to Christ, 2) A quality presentation that glorifies our King with its excellence and attracts kids and parents, 3) Ministry Leaders with integrity, who stick by their word (and contracts). Successful Evangelism, Excellent Presentation, Trustworthy Leadership: Jubilee Gang Ministries, and Jerry & Candy Moyer always excel in all three of these areas. I always keep my eyes open for opportunities where I can partner with them.
Don Dore' Children's Pastor at Hope Christian Church in North Haven, CT
Pictures from the road
Cornerstone Church in Cheshire, CT
Cornerstone Church in Cheshire, CT
Five Rivers Church in Elkton, MD

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Family Revival in South Bend, IN

Last week we ministered at Christian Center Church in South Bend, IN for a Family VBS / Revival.

 During this 3 day event we saw 65 children come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their life. During 2 of these services we saw entire families children, teen, and adults around the altar together  on their knees worshiping God and going after more of Him together.

It's always awesome to see entire families learn together, worship together, have fun together, and experience God together.

Next week we will be  ministering at  2 churches in CT and one church in MD to finish up our summer tour season. Then in Sept. we will be in TX and FL

Testimonies from the road.

What an incredible 3 days of ministry at Christian Center Church with the Jubilee Gang! 65 children committed their lives to following Jesus and had a blast doing it.
Scott Phenis Children's Pastor at Christian Center Church in South Bend, IN

I had the honor tonight to be able to sit on an Jubilee Gang service and was thrilled to see such a focused on the gospel interactive service as I experienced. The flow of the service was seamless. There was so many different ways to teach the same truth. As a Family Ministries Pastor, I work to reinforce truths many ways and learned a lot from their service. Jerry and Candy expertly wove the truths for 2 hours and ministered to all of the learning styles as well as to multi age participants. If you are looking for something that is a notch above, you won't go wrong with Jubilee Gang. Time just flew by!
Linda Hartman Children's Pastor in Goshen, IN

What an amazing program. One of the best VBS I have attended with my 4 year old daughter. They easily keep your attention and break it down for kids to enjoy and learn about Jesus. My favorite part was seeing the kids at the altar. Thanks for coming to South Bend! We loved how the whole family was a part of it.
Jordan and Amanda Mayfield
Parents in South Bend, IN

We enjoyed it very much!!! PTL!!!
Howard Cooper South Bend, IN

Was an amazing service last night with the Jubilee gang! :) Loved it!♥ Hope they will be back again next year!
Nancy Lein South Bend, IN
Pictures from the road

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Resurrection Day Harvest in South Bend, IN

This weekend we had the privilege of ministering at Christian Center Church in South Bend, IN on Easter Sunday. 
During this one day event we saw around 65 children come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their life. 

Testimonies from the Road

We had the Jubilee Gang come in and do a one service event for Easter Sunday. This was the first time we had ever met Jerry and Candy and the first time we had the Jubilee Gang come and do ministry. They did a phenomenal job from set-up to ministry to tear down. Everything flowed smooth and went better than could be expected. We really wanted to do something big this year for our children's department and when they came to mind I knew its what we had to do. Last year for Easter we had 138 children in our kids church. This year, with the Jubilee Gang, we had 257 in service! God was in this from the very beginning. Our adult service went up about 40 adults, but our kids went up by 119. We had 65 children come forward to receive Christ! This just proves again that if you want to grow a church you cannot forget about the children. What a fantastic day it was. We are so grateful for faithful servants like Jerry and Candy who will give of their time and efforts as well as talents to Kingdom of God and His children. Many times people will do cutting edge technology and forget about The Word, or they will employ The Word, but shy away from any technology. I believe we can do both and do it well. If you are looking for cutting edge technology with the powerful unchanging truth of God's Word then The Jubilee Gang is for you. Don't miss out on a tremendous Blessing for your church and community!
Scott Phenis
Children / Youth Pastor Christian Center Church South Bend, IN
The Jubilee Gang did a fantastic job ministering to our families in April 2017. Jerry and Candy have a heart for not only leading people to Christ, but also for making them fully committed disciples. They were great to work with and I highly recommend them.
Pastor Philip Thorne
Pastor at Rivers Edge Fellowship in Bedford, IN

Pictures from our event in South Bend, IN