Friday, July 12, 2019

June 2019 Ministry Update

In June, we ministered in 8 churches, in 6 different states including NC, WV, GA, MS, OK, & TX

During these 8 events we saw 217 children, teens, and adults come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their lives. 

In Logan WV we had over 120 people from 7 churches and several different denominations come together for a family event. It's always awesome to see entire families learn together, worship together, have fun together, and ultimately experience God together.

In Jackson, MS we ministered to over 120 children & teens and saw 67 people born again.

We are looking forward to seeing what God does during the rest of our 2019 summer tour season

Pictures from our June events are below... 

Thursday, June 20, 2019

May 2019 Jubilee Gang update

In May we ministered in 5 churches in 5 different states including IL, AL, MD, IN, & NC.

We ministered in 3 different denomination and 2 non denominational churches.

During these 5 events we saw 148 children, teens, and adults come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their lives. 

Check out our 2019 itinerary at the link below... 

Below are pictures from our May events

Calvary Life Church Granite City, IL 

Calvary Life Church Granite City, IL 

Mt Airy Baptist Church Mt Airy, MD         

Full Gospel Temple Worship Center Muncie, IN         

Harvest Time Assembly Asheville, NC         

Friday, November 30, 2018

2018 Jubilee Gang Ministries Year End Praise Report

2018 Jubilee Gang Ministries Year End Praise Report
What an amazing year it's been! We got our new trailer this year and this is our 2nd tour season with the new stage and video wall. Last year we spent around $55,000 on updating our lights and video wall. As of today we owe less than $10,000 on our stage & equipment upgrade. God has also been faithful this year in keeping us safe and supernatural provision. Every time a major repair had to be done on our truck God got us to where we needed to be and spoke to someone to pay for the repairs. 

2018 was our first year in around 7 years that we have not ministered on the West Coast, however we did make it as far west as Billings, MT this fall. We are already booking events in AZ and CA for Aug. 2019, so if you are in AZ, NV, CA, OR, or WA and would like to schedule us in the month of Aug let us know ASAP so we can reserve your date.

in 2018 we ministered in 35 churches and 4 camps and did 4 public school assemblies in 19 states in 8 denominations including Assemblies of God, Church of God, Southern Baptist, Nazarene, Church of Christ in Christian Union, Church of God of Prophecy, Pentecostal Holiness, and Christian Missionary Alliance and a bunch of non denominational churches of various backgrounds. We traveled almost 30,000 miles and saw 1122 people born again during our events. What an awesome year!

We are looking forward to see what God is going to do in 2019. Our June is almost full at this time. We only have a 4 day opening at the beginning of June on June 1-4 for the states of WV, KY OH, and parts of eastern PA. If you are in any of these areas and would like to schedule us for June 1-4 or any combination of these 4 dates contact us ASAP to reserve them at your church. We can be flexible on pricing if necessary on these dates. We also have dates in July and Aug. open for summer and several dates in Spring and fall of 2019 check out our itinerary at to see our current bookings and availability in 2019.

Monday, November 26, 2018

God's Protection & Provision

WOW what a week! This was a whirlwind of a trip! We traveled 5000 miles in 11 days from Ohio to Billings, Montana where we ministered for 3 days on Oct. 26-28th.  Then we had 2 days to get to Lafayette, LA where we set up, did a services, and tore down on Oct. 31st.  After this crazy day we traveled 17 hours to South Boston, VA where we ministered 3 more days on Nov. 2-4 before heading back to home base in Ohio.
We went through 3 trailer tires on this trip in 3 different states. and almost lost our drive shaft on the road going between Lafayette, LA and South Boston, VA because our U-Joints went bad.  On the 1st tire pictured above we shredded it on the interstate going 75 MPH. Thank God for a trucker that had power tools to help us change our tire quickly.  The other 2 tires we caught them before they went totally flat. One had a huge chunk of tire missing and was down to the steel belts, and the other tire had a nail in it. When we got to billings, MT and set up two of our video panels were not working correctly and God provided a young man that had been in the military and was trained in wiring and electronics to help us get them back up and running before our 1st service. On our way to Billings, MT we almost lost the roof to our trailer because of some wind damage that was under warranty, but could not be fixed until after this trip.  We could not find any trailer places in Billings to help us on a weekend but again God provided a Pastor friend of ours in Billings to secure down the roof so we could finish the trip. We took some water damage in the trailer but did not loose our roof. Praise God!
On our way to Lafayette, LA is where we lost our 2nd tire and replaces the remaining 2 original tires.  
When we got to Lafayette, we noticed a thumping vibration in the truck while going at slow speeds but did not have time to have it checked out because of our tight schedule. So after leaving Louisiana on Thursday morning an old friend of ours saw on FaceBook that we were on our way to South Boston, VA so he contacted me because he wanted to come to our programs.  Without knowing that we were having any trouble with the truck, he offered to help with any repairs or oil changes we might need. I told him we needed to have the truck checked out and told him about the noise at slow speeds.  He thought it might be the U-Joints going out and ordered them for our truck, so they would be there waiting on us when we got there. He came to our Friday night service and took our truck and let us use his truck for the weekend. He said he could only go 50 MPH with our truck because the vibration was so bad and he was afraid the drive shaft might fall out. Sure enough when they checked it out it was all 3 U-Joints and the carrier bearings. After looking at them he was shocked that we made it to VA without loosing our drive shaft on the road. He replaced all 3 U-Joints and the carrier bearings at no cost to us. Thank God they did not give on the interstate going 70 MPH. Again God protected and provided for us. 
After traveling 5000 miles and ministering in MT, LA, and VA and seeing 90 people including adults, teens, and children born again. we headed home after ministering Sunday morning in VA. On the way home in the mountains of WV we stooped for gas and noticed that one of our trailer tires were low.  When we checked it we found a nail in one of our brand new tires. So we changed the tire late at night and finished our trip HOME! 
This year God has supernaturally provided for every major repair on our truck and trailer.  Everything has been paid for in full by gifts from people to our ministry that just felt God was speaking to them to give. We serve a great and awesome God!!! When God calls you to it,  He will see through it!
Pictures from these events
Billings, MT 16 people born again!
Lafayette, LA    42 people born again

South Boston, VA   32 people born again!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Family Revival in Front Royal, VA

Entire families around the altar
going after more of God together.

We had another awesome week ministering to children & families in Front Royal, VA at Dynamic Life Praise & Worship Center. During this 3 day event we saw 60 people including children, teens, & adults come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their life! It was awesome to partner with Dynamic Life to reach out to their community again this year. In a day when churches are shying away from busing children in to their buildings because of liability issues,  Dynamic Life still continues to reach out to their community and provide transportation to underprivileged children and families to come to church. Because of their commitment to reach outside the four walls of their church and bring in the lost, we were able to see 60 people born again in 3 days.

This week we are heading to Billings, MT, Lafayette, LA and South Boston, VA where we will be ministering to more children and families. Please pray for a great harvest of souls during this October 31 outreach season. We will be lighting the darkness during this dark time of the year with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus. 

 Below are a few Pictures from this event

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Last Hurrah!

The Last Hurrah in 2018
4 churches in 3 states 5600 Miles         

We are getting ready to embark upon our last major trip in 2018. We will be ministering in VA, MT, and LA during the next 2 weeks. After this everything is pretty local through the end of the year. Please pray for safety as we travel . We have some tight schedules to be able to do the last 3 events. Also pray that many people will be born again and will encounter God during these events.

So far this year we have ministered in 16 states, 29 churches and 3 camps and have seen 935 people born again. 

Below is out itinerary through the end of 2018 as of right now

October 14-16
Front Royal, VA
Dynamic Life Praise & Worship Center
October 26-28
Billings, MT
Billings Freedom Church

October 31
Lafayette, LA
The Family Church
November 2-4
South Boston, VA
South Boston Church of God

Nov. 11
Springfield, OH
My Church

Nov. 18th
Springfield, OH
RiverSong Church
We still have several fall and winter dates available and we are flexible on pricing during Nov. - March or April of next year.

Contact us ASAP to reserve your date!

To schedule the Jubilee Gang at your church or community
contact Jerry at
or call us at 937-629-0652

Saturday, September 29, 2018

September Update

It's hard to believe that September is almost gone! We ministered 14 times in 3 churches and 2 public schools. We ministered in 3 states  and saw 75 people born again.

We did 3 family services at Lighthouse church of all nations during their Saturday evening and 2 Sunday morning services and saw 28 people born again including children, teens and adults. 

We did 4 family services in Fairmont, WV and saw 26 people including children, teens, and adults born again. 

Then we traveled to Girard, PA where we did 4 public school assemblies in 2 schools and got to encourage over 1000 children to be all they can be and how to make good decisions. After the assemblies we did 2 family services at Girard Alliance Church and saw 21 people born again including children and teens. 

We are looking forward to an exciting October and will be ministering at  two churches in Virginia, one in Billings, Montana, and one in Lafayette, Louisiana 

Below are a few Pictures from our Sept events. 

Lighthouse Church of all nations in Alsip, IL
Calvary Temple in Fairmont, WV
Calvary Temple in Fairmont, WV
Public School Assemblies in Girard, PA
Girard Alliance Church  in Girard, PA

Thursday, July 5, 2018

194 People Born Again In 1st 2 1/2 Weeks Of JG Summer Tour

We have had an awesome first leg to our 2018 summer tour season. We ministered in 5 churches in 4 states in 2 1/2 weeks.
 During these first 5 events we saw 194 children, teens, and adults come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their life.
Most of these events were family events which means the entire family children, teens, and adults attended and learned together, worshiped together, had fun together, and ultimately experienced God together.

So many times in the modern American church we separate families at church. Jubilee Gang family events are a great time to bring families together to experience church and God together. Our programs are simple enough for a child to understand but relevant and fun for all ages.
Even grandparents love to attend Jubilee Gang family events with their grandchildren or by them self.

Testimonies from the road

Jerry and Candy are amazing people. The gift they have to minister to children, families or just anyone who will listen is truly amazing. I must add that Wild Thing is pretty cool too! Please keep up the awesome work of God that you do!
Kristie McCammon Mother in Oxford, MS

We had a great time with the Jubilee Gang this week. Jerry and Candy are amazing. 57 born again this week Ridgely,Tn. These 2 are God gifted and bring the word of God in a way that all ages young and old will enjoy. We hope to see them again! What a blessing they are!
Regina Rhodes Children's Worker in Ridgely, TN

We needed a change from our normal summer Vacation Bible School. I found Jubilee Gang through Google Search. After reading reviews etc, we found out several of our fellow Ministers had had them at their church and they gave us rave reviews. Jubilee Gang was the WOW factor we were missing. Our kids, youth and families were ministered to. We had 57 salvation experiences in 3 nights and now we are doing follow up with discipleship and baptism. Thank you Jubilee Gang for sowing seeds in our kids, and then we benefit from the harvest!
Clayton & Loudonna Mahan Pastors
River of Life COGOP in Ridgely, TN

Pictures from our
Jubilee Gang events

Imact Church in Lake Wales, FL

Living Waters Assembly of God in Apalachicola, FL

Oasis Church in Oxford, MS

River of Life COGOP in Ridgely, TN

Pine Bluff First Assembly of God in Pine Bluff, AR

APRIL 2018 Update: 127 people Born Again!

During April we ministered at 3 family events and 2 children's events in 3 different denominations and 2 non denominationalChurches in OK and OH.
During these 5 events we saw 127 people come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their life.
During several of these events we saw the altar packed with children, teens, and adults on their knees worshiping God and going after more of him. It's always awesome to see entire families learn together, worship together, have fun together, and ultimately experience God together. 

Testimonies from the road

I have to tell you a story from your time with us. You were here in Grove at Easter, one of our families had their kids here to visit for the weekend and they came to services. Their grandchild went to the kids service but didn’t go forward. Later when they were back in Tulsa, the kid was telling her parents about the service and asked, “what does it mean to be born again? “. The parents explained it to her and she said, “ I guess I need to do that."So she accepted Christ. Her grandparents told me this morning she is being baptized next week. All from your message.
Pastor Mike Whitney Church of the Shepard in Grove, OK

Jerry and Candy are wonderful! The kids of our church loved all that they did and the messages Jerry brought to the kids wasn’t fluff but meaty! Bottom line? Kids lives were changed! Well done!
Randy Diller Bucyrus Nazarene in Bucyrus, OH

Excellent folks and an awesome ministry for God! They come in and transform your church and engage the whole family for a meaningful worship time to God. This ministry is for kids from 6 months to 99 years old. There is something for everyone! Thanks for all you do Mr. Jerry and Ms. Candy, oh and Wild Thing too!!
Chris Retterer Trinity Chapel CCCU in Milford Center, OH

You need to see the Jubilee Gang!! They are awesome. Jerry and Candy came to our church last weekend and brought the unexpected. They were able to keep young and old interested. By the time they left each night there was lives saved and hearts changed. If you haven't seen them make a point of catching their ministry, you won't be disappointed
Joy Ball Trinity Chapel CCCU in Milford Center, OH

Below are a few pictures from our April events.

Easter Sunday in Grove, OK
43 Children came forward to be born again & make Jesus Lord of their life
Potters House Church of God in Columbus, OH
27 children Born again!
Community Christian Center in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.
5 Children came forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their life
Bucyrus Nazarene Church in Bucyrus, OH 
39 children came forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their lives.
Trinity Chapel CCCU in Milford Center, OH
13 children came forward to be born again & make Jesus Lord of their life. PTL!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018



Every day more than 70,000 people die in this world without ever having heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

There are 4.5 billion people on the earth today that do not know Jesus.

That means that they are dying and going to Hell.

Does that concern you? Does it cause you to want to do something to bring people to Jesus?

In the Christian church world today, we have lost the urgency of sharing the Gospel with the world. We have fallen asleep with doctrine that says that we need to be a silent light to the world; we need to make our church services comfortable for people that are unsaved, so they will want to come to our churches.

Keith Green once said "I'd rather have people hate me with the knowledge that I tried to save them."

If you were a fireman and saw a person screaming out a window of a burning house “HELP!, HELP!”  Would you just stand by and watch them burn and say well I pray they find their way out of that burning house! I don’t want to offend them so I’m not going to go show them the way out. NO you would do anything possible to help them. Yet we as the body of Christ stand by without any sense of urgency and people all around us sink into the depths of Hell.

Leonard Ravenhill put it this way “Could a mariner sit idle if he heard the drowning cry? Could a doctor sit in comfort and just let his patients die? Could a fireman sit idle, let men burn and give no hand? Can you sit at ease in Zion with the world around you DAMNED?"

Has the church world become so focused on growing our churches or ministries that we have forgotten what we are in ministry for in the first place. Jesus said in the Great commission to “go into all the world and make Disciples,” to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.”  However, we have changed it to “make our churches so warm and inviting that people will want to come and are not offended.”

Healthy things naturally grow. If our churches are not growing, we have to ask ourselves, “Are they really healthy?”

Thomas C. Oden said, “The church that becomes focused upon maintaining itself instead of the gospel becomes a dead branch of the living vine.”

Over my 30 years in ministry, I have seen many churches that do not lead people to Jesus during their services. I have seen many Children’s Pastors that do not pray with children to be born again. That is reserved for kid’s camp or special services that happen only a few times per year. Ideally evangelism is not to take place in the church building, but out in the world during our every day life. But what if we knew that one of the people in our services this week was going to die after the service on the way home would it change our approach?  We do not know what the future for our self holds much less everyone in our weekly services.

I have been to Christian concerts where the artist presented the gospel but, never gave a chance for people to receive salvation. Many times it’s because of a teaching that has circulated the body of Christ that it is our job to just present the good news. If people believe it they will go get it. One preacher presented the gospel and said go home and think about this and if you really want it, come back tomorrow and be born again. The reason for this is because ministers do not want people to respond out of emotion or in the heat of the moment. They want to make sure that the people responding are serious and truly want to make Jesus Lord of their lives. Not just responding to an artist or preacher that is influencing them. This is understandable! I have the same concerns ministering to children. I could manipulate the service in such a way that my altars would be packed every service. For this reason I purposely stay away from these practices. However, I hardly ever end a service without giving the lost an opportunity to be born again. If the Gospel is properly presented and people are not manipulated we can rule out most of the people that really do not understand or are being moved by emotion.

On the night of October 8, 1871, D.L. Moody finished a message with some words he regretted for the rest of his life. So great was his remorse that he committed himself to never making the same mistake again. The title of Moody's sermon was "What Shall I Do with Jesus?" At the end, he announced, "Now I want you to take the question with you and think it over, and next Sunday I want you to come back and tell me what you're going to do with Him." But, next Sunday never came. As Moody dismissed his audience, the nearby courthouse fire bell sounded. At the time, no one had any idea how serious the blaze would become. As it turned out, the hall in which Moody spoke, the church he established, and his home were all destroyed in the inferno that became the Great Chicago Fire, along with more than 18,000 other buildings. But Moody hardly gave a second thought to his gutted home and church. They could easily be replaced – but not the lost souls. It was the memory of the audience he never saw again that was seared in his mind for the rest of his life.

The Bible says in 2 cor. 6:2 “behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation” and I will add to this, for tomorrow may be too late!

Where is our urgency to lead People to Jesus? Where is our urgency to save people from hell?

There is a new trend that teaches that it is the parent’s job to lead the children into the new birth. I do not disagree with this. Ultimately, it should be the parent that prays with their children to be born again. I prayed with my son to be born again while driving in a car when he was just a child. But to be honest about this, a lot of parents do not have a firm grip on what being born again is themselves, or are not comfortable discussing it with their children. I pray that this changes.

If we always put it in the parents ball park and they drop the ball, or maybe they are not even born again themselves, or they do not go to church themselves, do we let these children creep through the cracks of our system? There must be a time where children have a chance to be born again while they are attending our services. It must be high on our priority list for children coming up through our churches.

If we let people leave our services unsaved because we believe that evangelism should only take place outside our church building, have we allowed people to slip through the cracks of our pet doctrine?

I am in no way saying that we should be preaching hell fire and brimstone every week to pack out our altars with people, however ask your self this question. “How long has it been since I gave people an opportunity to receive salvation and be born again in my service?”  Do you even remember? There is a disturbing trend that a lot of churches today just do not give that opportunity for people to be born again at church. Some churches I know personally have gone months even years and have not led any one person to Jesus.

Ultimately evangelism should be taking place outside the church and the church should be a place to bring the newly saved to be disciple however, let us not ignore the opportunity to lead someone to Jesus that could have came with a hunger in their heart to get right with God or give their live to God and we have just provided a religious experience for them or allowed them to have a religious awakening but they walk away without a true conversion, without being introduced to Jesus, without being born again because of a pet doctrine we have created because of abuse or manipulation that we have seen in the past.

Where is our Urgency? Have we fallen asleep? Have we learned to ignore the fact that without Jesus, without being born again that people will die and spend an eternity in Hell?

John Wesley said  “You have nothing to do but to save souls. Therefore spend and be spent in this work. And go not only to those that need you, but to those that need you most…It is not your business to preach so many times, and to take care of this or that society; but to save as many souls as you can; to bring as many sinners as you possibly can to repentance.”

Oswald J. Smith  said “Oh, to realize that souls, precious, never dying souls, are perishing all around us, going out into the blackness of darkness and despair, eternally lost, and yet to feel no anguish, shed no tears, know no travail! How little we know of the compassion of Jesus!"

William Booth the founder of the Salvation Army said 'Not called!' did you say? 'Not heard the call,' I think you should say. Put your ear down to the Bible, and hear him bid you go and pull sinners out of the fire of sin. Put your ear down to the burdened, agonized heart of humanity, and listen to its pitiful wail for help. Go stand by the gates of hell, and hear the damned entreat you to go to their father's house and bid their brothers  and sisters, and servants and masters not to come there. And then look Christ in the face, whose mercy you have professed to obey, and tell him whether you will join heart and soul and body and circumstances in the march to publish his mercy to the world.'

It is not my motivation for this article to come across condemning or that you feel guilty enough that you do something. It is simply a wake up call! For I fear that the church world as a whole has fallen asleep!  

Willie George said “reaching the lost is the lifeblood of a church. If you aren't winning souls, be so disturbed about it that you change!”

Jerry Moyer
Jubilee Gang Ministries