Friday, July 25, 2014

60 children born again in Three Rivers, MI

We had an awesome 3 day event in Three Rivers, MI at New Hope Assembly this week. We saw over 60 children come forward to be born again during this 3 day event.

This week we will be ministering at Pine Brook Camp in Shutesbury, MA and Cheshire CT at Cornerstone Church. 

Below are some Pictures from this event...

New Hope Assembly in Three Rivers, MI has been converted.

Leading 26 children to Jesus in Three Rivers, MI

Night 2 in Three Rivers MI.
1. Jerry & a young lady playing Wheel of Blessing.
2. Angry Birds Live Game.
3. Leading 24 children to Jesus.

Night 3 in Three Rivers, MI. at New Hope Assembly.
1. Pizza Flop Game.
2. Jerry leading 15 children to Jesus.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Over 300 people born again in MI & OK

Dear Friends& Partners:

We have had a busy 3 weeks ministering at 5 camps in MI and OK. We ministered 33 times during this 3 weeks and saw over 300 people come forward to be born again. Many children flooded the altars and over half way up the middle isle during many of these services to seek after more of God and to get their life right with Him! We had many times of intense worship with children on their knees crying out to God. It was an awesome experience.

Camps have always held a special place in my heart because summer church camp was such a big part of my life from as far back as I can remember. My father was a dean of a Church Camp in Southern OH while I was growing up so I was at camp every summer even before I was a camper. God used Church camp to get my life back right with God as a teen  and I was baptized at camp as a child after being born again at age 6 in my fathers church.

Camp is a time when kids can get away from all the influences of the world and focus their attention on God.

One night during one of our OK camps we had already had a powerful altar service with many children around the altar seeking more of God. After all the children went back to their seats we felt that God might have more for us so the children were told that the altar remained open however they could go to the snack shack if they wished. The children spontaneously started coming back to the altar to go after more of God and to seek his face.

Below is a video of that service....

Below are some pictures from these camps...