Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our First Event of 2013

Today Jan. 27th  2013 we had the privilege of ministering at New Hope FourSquare Church in our Home town of Springfield, OH. This was our first Jubilee Gang event in 2013.

During this event we prayed with 9 people to be born again including 3 adults.

Below are some Pictures from this event...

Jerry praying with 9 people to be born again 
including 3 adults 
 Jerry teaching the Power Verse put to a beat
 Candy Counseling Wild Thing
 Jerry and a young man playing the Match it Game

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jubilee Gang Update: The calling & new transition

The above map has been on my office wall for the last 20 + years.
I have used it to keep track of all the places we have ministered over the years. Yellow pins are where we have been and red pins are where we are going. I replace the red pins at the end of each year with yellow pins. I use to speak to this map in faith and tell it to filled up with pins back in the day! It’s awesome to see God fill up my map over the years! Each pin represents lives that have been touched by God through the ministry of the Jubilee Gang.

Since 1998 we have ministered in 40 States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Russia and in over 20 different denominations and a host of non denominational churches and have seen over 18,000 people born again during our events.

The Calling...
Go into all the world and preach the gospel.
Mark 16:15

When I was 6 years old I went to an altar in a Methodist Church in Ironton, OH on New Years eve and gave my life to Jesus. No one even prayed with me that night but when I got up I knew that I hade been changed. I went home and told my mother that I became a christian tonight. I had been born again!

When I was 16 I answered another altar call to surrender my life to God and heard God speak to my heart to "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel" Since that day my life has been a journey through many adventures and ups and downs, and huge leaps of faith, however; God has been faithful and we have been blessed to see God use us to lead many people to Jesus!
The transition...

24 years later and we are taking another step of faith. After having the privilege of serving as Children's Pastor at RiverSong Church in our home town of Springfield for 4 years, we are stepping down to go full time back on the road to fulfill the call God has placed on my life. Its been an awesome time serving, training, and building with our local church over the last 4 years, however; we know in our hearts that it is time to focus on the call of winning the lost and making disciples.
Click here to see a Video of Jerrys testimony
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Friday, January 18, 2013

What Pastors across America are saying about The Jubilee Gang

 What Pastors across America are saying about The Jubilee Gang
Pastor Jeff Schlemmer Family Pastor at Vertical Church in West Haven, CTJubilee Gang is a fast paced, multi-media explosion! Jerry and Candy Moyer have a huge heart to see all children reached for Jesus Christ! They have run a four day children’s conference for us on several occasions and been a true blessing to our church and children. Easy to work with and highly organized they come in and hit the ground running. With Jubilee Gang you get a lot of bag for your buck! Their stage production is second to none and a great value compared to other ministries we reviewed. Jerry and Candy pull out all the stops! Their productions utilize interactive games, objects lesson, skits, sound effects, videos, lighting and an amazing guest puppet “Wild Thing” all of which create an awesome atmosphere to minster to kids! Their range of teaching topics is broad and always fresh. The Moyers teach the Word of God in a simple, clear, accurate way that kids get it!   I have seen firsthand and through following their ministry that they are effective ministers of the Gospel. Their presentation of salvation is God-filled and wherever they share children are moved to receive Christ. It is my pleasure to recommend Jerry and Candy Moyer to you I am confident that they will effectively communicate Christ to kids and lives will be changed!

Pastor Dennis Duirg, Children’s Pastor Living Word Church in Dayton, Ohio
The Jubilee Gang is an exciting, Multi-media children’s ministry that ministers in a way that keeps children on the edge of their seats. Jerry Moyer and the Jubilee Gang are on the very cutting edge of children’s ministry, and I would highly recommend them to minister to the adults and children in your congregation.

Pastor Josh Payne , Pastor at Victory Church in Troy, PA
We were pleased to host the Jubilee Gang for our Back to School Blast Sunday morning main event. The excellence of this ministry begins when the door of their trailer drops. Everything had a place and there was a place for everything. Jubilee Gang is a far cry from a rag tag hodge podge of antiquated Sunday School style entertainment. The Jubilee Gang provided Victory Church with a meaningful ministry experience that still has our children and adults alike talking about the impartation they received months after the event. The Moyers have spared no expense in there investment using equipment that is cutting edge and will engage young and old alike as Jerry delivers Gods timeless truth. Jerry's message is anointed and uncompromising. His in your face style is not only what the youth of this generation need but it’s what they want. Young to old and everyone in between will be encouraged and inspired to not only follow but chase after Jesus Christ.

Frank Trezoglou Children’s Pastor Christian Life Assembly in Columbia, SC
Jerry and his team did an outstanding Job at a four-day crusade here at Christian Life. The children responded to their ministry in an extremely positive way and were encouraged in their own personal walks with Jesus. I would highly recommend this Team to come to your Church and work with your children and adults..

Mike Dsane, Children’s Pastor Crossroads Church Assembly of God of Oklahoma City, OK
 The Jubilee Gang’s time of ministry at our church was incredible. Because our church is made up of such a diversity of people, it is difficult to meet the cultural needs of everyone in the congregation. When a group of inner city students walked in and experienced the ministry of the Jubilee Gang, they showed more excitement than I had ever seen out of them in a church service.  Their ministry broke every  distinction whether it was age, race, or denomination.  Students went home excited not only excited by the event, but also the decision they had made for Christ.

Dianne Sheeley, Associate Pastor to Children Stillmeadow Church of the Nazarene in York, PA
Our families and kids are still talking about the awesome ministry event last year. What a creative and exciting way to show kids God's love and their need of a savior, Jesus Christ. We are having a great time discipling the many boys and girls that were saved when the Jubilee Gang came to Stillmeadow Church of the Nazarene in York, PA.

Pastor Bob Trombi, Champions Church in Portland, OR
There are not many traveling Children's Ministers that have so much to offer as the Jubilee Gang. Jerry Moyer is a talented and committed Christian who has a vision to reach children. He uses the most cutting edge equipment and visuals to keep their attention. Your children will love him and his ministry, and you will see your children's workers rise to a new level of excitement and commitment after experiencing his ministry.

Pastor Tony Watson, Manchester Church of the Nazarene in Manchester, OH
I would highly recommend the Jubilee Gang to any church that is interested in reaching kids for Christ. They know how to minister to young people. We had them for a one day crusade, and it was simply outstanding. We had over 70 young people accept Christ as the personal Savior. Their ministry presentation was dynamic with all the lights, sound, and videos; their conduct was of the highest Christian standard, and their equipment was the best I've ever seen. Consider them for your next "Big" children's event!

Geri Grieb, Children’s Director at New Beginning Christian Center in Portland, OR
We were so blessed to have Jubilee Gang minister at our church! Our families loved the fun faith filled multi-media ministry. It also gave our children’s ministry team a vision of how to reach the children of our city. With ease and excellence Jubilee Gang is busy about our Father’s business, bringing souls into the Kingdom of God!
Pastor Dan Leiker, River of Life Christian Center in Urbana, Ohio
Jerry worked for us as children's pastor and help implement and trained our workers to reach and raise up this next generation. He has a sincere and hungry heart to minister to children every where, and is loaded with great ideas that are guaranteed to change your children into world changers. I highly recommend the Jubilee Gang to you and your children's ministry. It will be a great blessing to you and your church.

Pam Majors Children’s Pastor Evangel Assembly of God Wichita, Kansas
What a blessing The Jubilee Gang was to our church families, kids, and to our community. We were privileged to host The Jubilee gang in for a three night kids event and saw over 56 children respond to the altar with 26 making first time decisions.  Weeks following the event we are still receiving thank you’s and compliments from parents. Jubilee Gang is extremely professional and definitely ministry minded.  Our time with Jerry and The Jubilee Gang was refreshing and uplifting for both young and old alike. We are already talking about scheduling them again for an upcoming event. Jerry and his team are compassionate, relevant and people of integrity.  This is one ministry that will bless your church!

Pastor Joe Cameneti, Believers Christian Fellowship in Warren, Ohio
The Jubilee Gang has been a great blessing in our church! We used them in a six day camp meeting. They held the children's attention, built excitement in them, and ministered to their spirits, soul, and body at the same time. I highly recommend them as a ministry that will bless the churches they go to.

Pastor Mark DiGirolamo Children’s Pastor Visalia First Assembly of God: Visalia, CA
I have had the opportunity to have Jerry and his ministry team at our church on two occasions. The latest was Easter 2006 where they ministered to over 700 kids and adults. Their ministry is Bible based, high energy and full of multimedia that will help any child to remain attentive and alert to hear the message presented. I would not hesitate to have The Jubilee Gang minister to the children of my church. We saw kids at each of our services accept the invitation to be prayed for at the altar. They are great to work with and have a great attitude towards ministry.

Rich Maus, Minister of Children Cornerstone Church in Toledo, OH
I have found Mr. Moyer and his team are excellent to work with. Our kids really enjoyed their ministry, and I appreciated their heart to minister to kids. Jerry has really done his homework with a great set design, excellent multi-media presentation, and a fast paced program that captures both kids and adults attention. The Jubilee Gang was excellent to work with.

Darrell and Sharon Worley Pastors at Christian Life Assembly in Picayune, MS
You did such an outstanding job. We are so happy that we had 74 kids respond for salvation that week! We know there will be many eternal results from the time that you spent here with us!

Jamey Bowles Children’s Pastor at Bethel Assembly of God in Duncan, OK
The Jubilee Gang did an awesome job of ministering here! Our KidZone Invasion consisted of a 3-day Kids Crusade Events at our church and 2 elementary school assemblies which reach approximately 1600 students. Teachers, principals, and the school superintendent of schools were all thrilled with the “Gang’s” ability to bring a positive life message to the kids with such fun and excitement.

The Crusade at the church was awesome! Kids and adults alike were ministered to through the games, story telling, puppets, and light show. The “Gang’s” excitement draws the kids into the event, and their heart for the kids and ministry combine to make an event where kid’s lives can and will be changed by the power of God. We had 40-50 kids respond to give their lives to Jesus!

I would wholeheartedly recommend them for any ministry event you might be planning. Their versatility, humility, and heart for God and kids make them one of the best ministries I have worked with!

Pastor Randy Brummitt Lead Pastor First Assembly of God Collierville, TN
What a blessing it was to have the Jubilee Gang with us this week! It was undoubtedly one of the greatest family / kids crusade events that I have hosted in 2o plus years of pastoral ministry! We look forward to scheduling Them again soon!

Mark Williams Children’s  Pastor at Life Fellowship in Weatherford, OK
 Our pastor's wife was teaching a Wednesday night class and a mom was helping. The mom brought in her form that we have everyone fill out before they help in children's church. Pastor's wife looked at the form and saw that the mom got saved in October and asked her about it

The mom's two kids came to the crusade and heard about being born again.
The boy came to the front to pray. (That's awesome at that) That night
when they got home, they told their mom about being born again and the mom
got saved in her living room that night and has been faithful to church
ever since.

Tim Carpenter  Children’s Pastor Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge, LA
I am writing this letter for the purpose of recommending Jubilee Gang for an event at your church. Jerry and Candy Moyer have committed their lives to reaching kids with the powerful message of the Gospel.
We hosted the Jubilee Gang for a three day VBS July 2009 and the kids are still talking about the wonderfully fun and life changing experience.

When I think of the Jubilee Gang, I think of three reasons I would definitely have them back at our church.

  1. A commitment to teaching and presenting the Word of God in a creative, fun way.

So many groups are very entertaining, but there is no ministry and the Word of God is a side issue that just goes with their program. Brother Jerry packs a lot of punch with his program. It’s the Word and the Gospel that produces the fruit and makes lasting change. Kids got saved each night and still remember the fun characters, video and overall experience.

  1. A commitment to a “spirit of excellence” in everything they do.

I appreciated so much that from the time they pulled in to the time they left, everything they did was portrayed with excellence. The program is well thought and prepared. I didn’t have to worry about anything, because JG had a smooth running event. Brother Jerry and Candy are people of integrity and high moral character and that is evident when you meet them in person.

  1. A commitment to the kids and families.

Brother Jerry has such a heart for kids and families that they love being around he and his wife, Candy. How could kids not love someone named Candy? She is a beautiful person and has such a heart for ministry that they won’t quit until the last kid is prayed for or family ministered to. Every child feels special at a Jubilee Gang event!

These are just three reasons among so many that I highly recommend Jubilee Gang for your next church wide event! One night isn’t enough to really experience Jubilee Gang to it’s fullest.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Church Minded Vs. Kingdom Minded

Church Minded Vs. Kingdom Minded

We hear a lot today about church growth and church growth is good. A healthy church should be growing just like a healthy person should grow. A healthy church cannot help but grow!

A lot of churches are starting to evaluate every program according to how much it helps the church grow. Evaluation is good and healthy as long as we look at the big picture. The big picture that I am talking about is the Kingdom of God.

Matt. 6:33 says that if we seek first the kingdom of God that all these things will be added unto us. We do not seek his kingdom to get what we want, but as we seek first the kingdom of God our lives and ministry cannot help but grow.

Church growth cannot be the only reason we do certain programs or cut certain programs in our local churches. There is a much higher calling to grow the kingdom of God.

Jesus said in the great commission to go into all the world and make disciples. Those people that need to be reached and discipled in all the world don’t just include people from our local communities that will attend our local churches.

A lot of times when people look at having a Kid’s Crusade or family outreach event they count how many families return after the event and judge whether they should continue having this kind of events in the future.

A lot of times we see great growth in our local churches from such events, but sometimes it does not effect the growth of our local body however it effects the growth of the kingdom of God.

Now I am not saying that we should not evaluate the effectiveness of a certain ministry or outreach events. We should evaluate everything we do to find out if it reached the goals we had for the event and how we can be more effective in reaching these goals during future events. However, our goal should not just be getting new people to come to our church. It should be part of it, but not the entire goal.

When I was on staff as a children’s pastor, I would ask myself what is the goal of any given event and how can we best achieve this goal. A lot of times we do an event just because we have always done this event.

When looking at the event of a traditional VBS and seeing the large budget it required and the manpower from our church, I would ask myself what the goal of VBS was. Was it to encourage the Christian children in our church to grow or to outreach into the community? Being the evangelist that I am and knowing that my children were well taught in children’s church my goal for most large events was outreach.

Then, I would ask myself if we were achieving that goal through the current VBS program. Most VBS curriculums are designed to teach bible truths around a certain theme for the year and not to see children born again and made disciples. VBS programs in some communities have turned into nothing more than a baby sitting service to the parents of the community. Kids jump from VBS to VBS every week during the summer just to have something to do while their parents are at work. Churches even work together to make sure that every week in the summer is covered by a different church and that everyone is not using the same curriculum. Most VBS curriculums have been watered down so that it is not offensive to anyone to get more children to attend. Sure there is a small amount of Bible in the curriculum, but in its self is not anything that will change a life for eternity.

After evaluating the program and seeing that my goal was outreach and evangelism, I decided to change to more of a Kids Crusade format. I do not call it a Kid’s Crusade because the un churched community does not understand the term and usually associate it with the crusades of the dark ages.

I have always been a kingdom minded person. Probably because Matt. 6:33 was one of the first scriptures that really came alive to me as a teen.

We will not always see church growth as a result of an event or program; however we must ask our self if the kingdom grew because of the event or program. Now I am not talking about loosely using the phrase …

“If we touched one child it is worth it”

It is worth it to touch the life of one child. We do not know what that child will become. Maybe this child might become the next Billy Graham or something. But why should we only touch the life of one child during the event? While we are touching their live why not touch the lives of hundreds more. If only one child is reached we should ask ourselves how we can reach more next time and make the adjustments to our program, advertising, and marketing of the event to the community to reach more people.

We recently ministered at a church that had us in and had small crowds each night. Mostly church kids and a few un churched friends attended. The same children came forward each evening during the invitation to be born again. A few people that did not attend the church came forward, but it was mostly the children from their church. I would say around 20 children were born again despite having around 50 children respond to the invitation during the 3 day event. I could see where the pastor might be discouraged and consider not having this type of event in the future because of the cost of the program and the results he saw.

No one new that a friend of mine from facebook attended the service from a neighboring town one of the evenings with a group of children including her 7 year old daughter. She had seen on facebook where we were going to be ministering at this church and wanted to come and check out our ministry.

After the event I received the following e-mail from my facebook friend…

"Thanks for inviting us. I'm sorry we couldn't make all three days. The kids I brought LOVED it, they want you to come to our church. My daughter who's 7 also came with me on Monday night. She has been telling people in her class and in our congregation how she is "born again" and "how God gave her a clean heart". This is HUGE coming from a very Traditional Presbyterian Church. So thank you. You have encouraged me to change my Sunday School curriculum and change the direction of my ministry to be more evangelism based. I'll be back in touch soon after speaking with our finance committee to discuss scheduling a Jubilee Gang event at our church.”

This was worth the whole event to see the lives of these young people changed and to see the possibility of an entire children’s ministry at another church become more evangelistic because of the children’s pastor attending this meeting.

I also received a testimony from a children’s pastor in VA that was born again at a Kids Crusade at a church that he did not attend and never attended except for the Kid’s Crusade where he was born again. Below is his story…

“When I was 5 years old my parents took me to see a traveling children’s evangelist who was ministering in a local church. At the end of the service I asked Jesus into my heart for the first time. My family and I never went back to that church but found ourselves planted in another local church where we grew in Christ. I often think about that first church where I found Jesus. I’m so grateful that church had a kingdom mindset when it came to outreach. Many churches see the goal of outreach as a way to boost attendance numbers. Outreaches are evaluated by measurable returns, but the Bible reminds us that we’re here to build a kingdom…not just our own church. I’m grateful for ministries like the Jubilee Gang who spend their time spreading the seed of God’s word into young hearts. And I’m grateful that this first church had a kingdom mindset that allowed me to hear the gospel for the first time. Their measurable return may be considered insufficient by many churches today but I will be eternally grateful to God for them.”

This is what it is all about folks! As a result of this church being kingdom minded this young child was born again and is now a children’s pastor at a large church that is affecting hundreds if not thousands of lives.

It would be wrong to not give a testimony from a church that did not see growth from a Kids crusade at their church. I received the following letter from a church in OK where a child was born again during the kids crusade and went home and told his mother about Christ and led her to the lord…

“Our pastor's wife was teaching a Wednesday night class and a mom was helping. The mom brought in her form that we have everyone fill out before they help in children's church. Pastor's wife looked at the form and saw that the mom got saved in October and asked her about it.

The mom's two kids came to the crusade and heard about being born again. The boy came to the front to pray. (That's awesome at that) That night when they got home, they told their mom about being born again and the mom got saved in her living room that night and has been faithful to church ever since.”

We would have never have know this if the pastor’s wife had not asked some questions. The kingdom was affected by this event!

When evaluating events and programs let make sure that we are not cutting a program that is affecting the Kingdom when we do not see our church numbers increase.

By Jerry Moyer
The Jubilee Gang

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jerry Moyer of the Jubilee Gang on CM radio discussing How to impart truth to children

I was recently invited to be on CMConnect radio to discuss "How to impart Gods truth to children".

Join Tom Bump and Ron Brooks and special guests, Jerry Moyer of the Jubilee Gang and Bill Gunter (aka Commander Bill) as they dive into How to impart God's truth at the link below....

or listen to the program below...

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