Thursday, September 22, 2016

Weekend Family Revivals in WV & TX

Mutable generations at the altar going after more of God
together in Troup, TX
We have had a great first 2 weeks of our Fall tour season. 

In Bolt, WV conducted a Friday throughSunday morning family revival at Bolt Church of God we saw 11 children and youth come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their Life. During several of our services we saw the altars filled with entire families on their knees going after more of God. 

Pictures from our Family Revival in Bolt, WV

Last weekend we ministered at Martin's Chapel Church of the Nazarene in Troup, TX. On Thursday we did 2 Public School Assemblies in Price, TX and Troup, TX. Then on Friday through Sunday we conducted a Family Revival at the church and saw around 22 people including teens and adults make Jesus Lord of their life. It was awesome to see children, teens, parents, and grandparents all in one service learning together, worshiping together, experiencing God together, and having fun together. 
Multiple generations participating in our
Jubilee Gang Family Revival in Troup, TX
Multiple generations having fun and experiencing God together  during our Jubilee Gang Family Revival in Troup, TX

Jubilee Gang School Public Assembly in Troup, TX

Over the next 2 months we will be ministering in Oshawa, ON Canada, Front Royal, VA, Warren, MI, Picayune, MS, Edmonds, WA, and Port Angeles, WA. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel across America and Canada ministering to Children and Families. 

Testimonies from Pastors and Parents where we have ministered this Year.

This was an awesome weekend for our church. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest truly enjoyed the ministry of Jubilee Gang. We were looking for something for the whole family and Jerry and Candy did just that. They were a joy to be around and were flexible to what we wanted from an event. They have a heart to see people saved and discipled, and that shows through in their ministry. You will not be disappointed by having them at your church.
- Pastor Bill Harman Bolt, WV

We just finished a 3 day family event at our church with the Jubilee Gang and it was beyond amazing! Too see so many children and families actively engaged and coming to the alter to give their lives to Christ. Jerry and Candy have a true passion for our Lord and what they do! This event changed not only my children but myself as well. You could truly feel the presence of the Holy Spirit upon us. Every service was a new experience and left you hungry for more. New ways to look at your relationship with Christ and seek more of him! If given the chance to attend one of their events GO it's a must!!!!

- Jessica Jeffurs Springfield, OH

Jerry and Candy are awesome! Their love for children proves out each time they set up or tear down their set. It's no small process. I'm thankful and honored to know them and to have had them minister at my church. My Lead Pastor was so impressed that he had them do a Sunday morning service as a family service. I can't say enough about how great their programs are and how well they produce them. The ultimate reason I chose to have Jubilee Gang come to my church was that Jerry knows the importance of leading children and families to Jesus. The event is great, but the reason they do what they do is to lead people to Jesus. The altar service was always awesome, we saw many families impacted and several gave their hearts to Christ for the first time. If you really want to reach children and families for Jesus, the Jubilee Gang is a great choice (tool). They are awesome. It's rare in child evangelism to find people who are about salvation's, not just the entertainment.
- Brenda Bernard  Family Pastor at Loch Lynn Church of God in Oakland, Maryland

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How to promote a Family Service

How to promote a Family Service

As we travel across the United States ministering to families, we have learned that certain things work better than others in promoting a family event. Because the concept of family ministry is fairly new to the body of Christ, many church people have no idea what to expect. We have listed a few things that work and don’t work when promoting a family service to your church and community.

I cannot over emphasize how  important it is that you not advertise this as a kid’s event or kids crusade or us as a children’s evangelist. If parents get the idea this is for kids, they will drop off their kids and leave or stand in the hallway and wait for the event to be over instead of attending with their children. Attendance for Kids only events have been decreasing over the last several years and attendance for family events have been increasing.   It’s very important that the Lead Pastor promote the event as a family event from the pulpit. He must let the people know this is a time for the entire family to enjoy church together instead of being separated. The event is for children, teens, and adults, this is a time for parents to bring their kids to a service that everyone can enjoy together. This is a time for grandparents to bring their grandchildren to church. This is a time for families to invite other families in their communities to church or adopt the kids next door for a day. In order to get the parents and grandparents to buy into this concept of a family service. It must be promoted correctly from the Lead Pastor.

Ways to promote this event to your congregation

1. This is a time for your entire families to learn together, get closer to God together, have fun together, and experience God and church together.
2. Too many times we separate children, teens, and adults during church. This is a time that everyone can be together in church, enjoy, and learn together.
5. This will be a fast paced multi-media ministry event that the entire family will enjoy.  

Things you need to know about Jubilee Gang Family Events.

1. Because of our Muti Media presentations and Jerry’s teaching style, Jubilee Gang Family Events are able to reach multi-generational groups of

2. The messages will be simple enough for a child to understand but relative to all ages.

3. Everyone in attendance will enjoy and learn bible truths in a fresh and exciting way.

4. Adults will not feel spoken down to or out of place.

5. Adults, children, and teens will be encouraged to participate in the service, not just observe.

6. Many times adults leave our family events remarking on how much they got out of the service. Some have said they got as much out of the message as their children did.

7. Family services are different than adult services and different than a children’s service. If you do a regular adult service and have the kids attend the kids will be board and check out. If you do a typical kids service the adults will feel spoken down too and out of place and check out. There must be something for everyone to minister to multiple generations together in the same service! Jubilee Gang Family events have just the right combination to minister across generational boundaries.  

Jerry Moyer 
 Jubilee Gang Ministries

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Jubilee Gang Summer tour comes to an end with 138 Salvation's

Dear friends and partners:
We just finished our 2016 summer tour season at 6 churches in KS, NE, WI, MO, & OH. During these 6 event we saw 138 people come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their Life.
  So far this year, we have traveled over 20,000 miles, ministered in 28 churches in 13 states and have seen 877 people come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their life during our events.

 Next week we are starting our fall tour season. Over the next 3 months we will be ministering in Bolt, WV, Troup, TX, Oshawa, ON Canada, Front Royal, VA, Warren, MI, Picayune, MS, Edmonds, WA, and Port Angeles, WA.

Right before we started this last leg of our summer tour season our transmission went out in Elkins, WV which cost us over $5,000 to replace. Then one of our bearings went out on our trailer while traveling through MO and cost us another $400 to fix.
  If you would like to give to Jubilee Gang Ministries to help us cover the expense of these 2 repairs please click on the link below. 
Any help would be deeply appreciated and can be used as a tax write off.
Jubilee Gang ministries is a 501 C3 Tax exempt Non profit organization.

Testimonies From the road...

We just finished a 3 day family outreach with the Jubilee Gang. In my 10 years of serving on our Pastoral staff, this is the best thing we have ever done. Many kids of all ages responded to Jesus, as well as a few adults. Jerry and Candy love Jesus and kids.......they work very hard. Your church will be blessed by their ministry
- Jackie Mounts Springfield, OH

The ministry of the Jubilee Gang is outstanding. Jerry's wording throughout the evening is clear enough for the younger kids, yet those same words speak right to the hearts of teens and adults. In other words, the "Family Event" is definitely for the entire family!

- Pat Polo Lawson, MO

Jubilee Gang visited our church in Elkins, WV at the beginning of August and they did a phenomenal job. It seemed like Satan was attacking our church and everyone that week. However, God had different plans and we saw over 50 souls won to Jesus Christ that week. It was one of those moments and weeks that I will remember for a long time. There is nothing like seeing an altar full with entire families worshiping and seeking God together. They really did minister to the entire family, and lives were changed!

-Adam West Elkins, WV

The Jubilee Gang is awesome! Jerry not only makes teaching kids fun, but also he is deep and takes spiritual formation to the next level! I found myself being ministered to and taking to heart what was spoken by God through him. His altar calls and real worship time is excellent!

- Chris Siordia Waynesburg, PA

Below are a few Pics from these events...

Awesome 1st night at Cornerstone Church in Chillicothe, MO
34 children came forward to be born again & make Jesus Lord of their life! PTL!!!

We had a great 2nd night in Springfield, OH at First Assembly of God. We saw 35 people including children, teens, and adults come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their life!