Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Jubilee Gang Ministries Update

2016 has been a great year so far!

To date we have ministered in over 30 churches and camps, and have seen 988 people come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their life. We have already traveled from coast to coast from VA to CA & AL to MN and then up to Canada and what seems like everywhere in between this year. We still have 5 more events during the last 2 1/2 months of this year.

In Nov. we will be heading out to WA state where we will be ministering in Edmonds, WA on Thanksgiving day. During this event we will be ministering to many homeless people and immigrants that have never heard the Gospel. We will be doing three 1/2 hour programs where the Gospel will be presented and people will have an opportunity to make Jesus Lord of their life as well as being fed an awesome thanksgiving meal provided by WestGate Chapel. I am very excited about this opportunity to share Jesus with people that have never heard the Good News! This is what it's all about folks!

We will also be doing a community family outreach in Port Angeles, WA at Eastern Hills Community Church while we are in WA state. 

2016 Summer Tour MapOver 12,000 niles in 3 months, 12 states, and 19 churches and camps.Logan, WV, Houston, MO,  Oxford, MS,  Hamilton, GA, Mobil, AL, Mesa, AZ, Corcoran, CA,  Doyle, Tennessee,  Hazlehurst GA, Kearneysville, WV, Parsons, WV, Butler, PA, Elkins, WV,  Tonganoxie, KS,  Gering, NE,  Onalaska, WI, Lawson, MO, Springfield, OH

2016 Fall Tour Map
Bolt, WV,  Troup, TX,  Oshawa, ON CANADA, Front Royal, VA, Warren, MI, Picayune, MS, Edmonds, WA, Port Angeles, WA

New Jubilee Gang Stage Update:

Over this year we have been raising and saving money for our new stage that will be a LED video wall background. We have saved and raised around $20,000 toward this project. The cost of the entire stage is around $60,000 however we are doing it in 2 phases. The first phase is the center section which will be a 12' X 8' Video Wall. The cost for this section is $40,000. We have been and continue to be an anti loan family and ministry. However, at this time we felt like it was the right thing to do by borrowing $20,000 to complete this 1st phase, plus replace a few lights that are starting to not work properly. We are trusting God for this money to come in to pay off this loan ASAP. When this is paid off we will invest in the rest of the stage which will cost another $20,000.
   This project has been a huge stretch for us. I debated for over a year if we really wanted to go this direction. I don't personally make $60,000 in over 3 years. However, after much prayer and consulting with several pastors we respect and our board, we decided to move forward with this project.
  I have said many times that my motto for life has always been "Dream a dream so big that unless God does it, it will not happen." This project has given me the opportunity again to practice what I preach.  Someone once said, "God never gives you a dream that matches your budget. He's not checking your bank account, He is checking your faith."

If you would like to give toward this project please click on the link below...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Family God Encounter in Front Royal, VA.

Families around the altar going after more of God.
Last week we ministered to the families of Dynamic Life Praise & Worship Center in Front Royal, VA.

Again it was awesome to see entire families learn together, worship together, have fun together, and experience God together.

We saw 54 children, teens, & adults come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their life during 4 services. Several times the altar was packed with parents & grandparents with their children and grandchildren going after more of God and seeking more of Him together during worship. 

Children and their families enjoying
the Jubilee Gang Family Service
Families playing the Pizza Flop Game, Enjoying
Wild Thing and coming to Jesus at the altar
Jubilee Gang Family Service in Front Royal, VA

Testimonies from the Road

Our church was so blessed to have the Jubilee Gang's ministry this past week. They bring a relevant, impacting message for people of all ages. The pace of their presentation is engaging and keeps the audience interested and involved from start to finish.
We could tangibly sense the presence of God during the ministry time around the altar. This was a very special time for us as a church family, with all ages present.
The Jubilee Gang has a great ministry and is doing an outstanding job sharing the gospel across America.
Pastor Carlton and Elvi Rogers
Dynamic Life Ministries
Front Royal, VA
The Jubilee Gang was just at our church and it was truly an awesome experience. Jerry and Candy were excellent in every aspect of the event. From set up to tear down they were top notch. The services were relevant and the main focus was having Jesus be the Lord of your life, they also added a family worship time that I really enjoyed. Watching families singing together was just precious. We also had them for Chapel and all my students loved them. You really need to see Jubilee Gang!
Yvette M. Pauley
Teacher at Dynamic Life Christian School in Front Royal, VA

Monday, October 3, 2016

Ministering to families in Canada!

   Last Friday we partnered with Calvary Baptist Church in Oshawa, ON, Canada to reach out to the families in their community. Around 300 people attended and it was great to see entire families have fun together and learn about God together. During this event we saw around 20 people come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their Life. One family that came forward had been involved in the churches summer sports program but had never came to a service at the church before this night. It was awesome to see the whole family at the altar giving their lives to Jesus.
   Next weekend we will be returning to Front Royal Virginia at Dynamic Life Praise & Worship Center for a 4 day event starting on Sunday, October 9th at 2:30 PM and running through Wednesday Oct 12th with services at 6:30 nightly on Monday through Wednesday. 

Below are some pictures from our event in Canada

Families playing the Pizza Flop Game
in Oshawa, ON Canada.
Children playing the Chicken in the Basket Game
in Oshawa, ON Canada.
Jerry praying with around 20 people to be born again
and make Jesus Lord of their life in Oshawa, ON Canada
including children, teens, and adults. 

Testimonies from The Road...

We were fortunate enough to have Jerry and Candy bring the Jubilee Gang experience to Calvary Baptist Church in Oshawa, ON Canada this past week and we were very impressed with not only the level of professionalism that they blessed us with, but were so thankful to have people so committed to bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to their audience. Our event was a community outreach event, and the gifting that the Lord has blessed Jerry with to deliver the gospel message was very apparent and the culmination of a great evening. Simply a great experience with some really great people!
- Pastor Jim Neville Oshawa, ON Canada

The Jubilee Gang is just incredible! Over the years in ministry, I have had the Jubilee Gang do our District Kids' Camp, District Family/Kids Camp (Kids Track), and I have also had them here at my local church a couple of times. Every time, they were excellent to work with, organized, fun, exciting, and the kids (and adults) LOVED them! They were great in working with kids, volunteers, everyone. The Jubilee Gang is also VERY engaging for people of all ages. I love it when they put the verses to a beat- I still have some of the verses memorized from listening to them. Everyone enjoyed the high energy, fun, and creativity of the Jubilee Gang. I would highly recommend them for your next Camp, VBS, family/kids event, or any special event. You will not be disappointed. 
- Pastor Amanda Rose
Hillside Wesleyan Church
North Street, MI