Monday, May 27, 2013

Hittin the Road "JACK"

Hittin the Road
Our 2013 summer tour season is starting!

We will be traveling over 13,281 Miles in 3 months.

May 29-31 Lewisburg, WV - June 3-4 Portales, NM - June 5-6 Clovis, NM - June 9-11 Bakersfield, CA - June 12-14 Yuba City, CA - June 17-20 - Lafayette, LA - June 23-25 Willimantic, CT - June 26-28 Glastonbury CT - June 30-July 2 -Cheshire, CT - July 4th Home for Jerry's Birthday - July 8-12 Bowling Rock, NC - July 15-18 Fergus Falls, MN - July 21-24 Midland, TX - July 28-31 Tishomingo, OK - Aug. 3-4 Oklahoma City, OK - Aug 5-6 Woodward, OK - Aug. 7-9 Guymon, OK - Aug. 10-14 Chandler, OK - Aug. 16-18 West Monroe, LA - Aug. 19-21 Oxford, MS - Aug. 23-25 Hammond, La
See our entire 2013 itinerary at...

Dear Friends and Partners:

Today we start our 2013 summer tour season. We will be on the road for the most of 3 months again this year ministering to children and families across America.

We will be traveling over 13,281 Miles in 3 months.

We still have several fall and winter dates available. If you are interested in scheduling The Jubilee Gang in your area contact us ASAP to ensure the date you are looking at.

We have 2 new programs that we will be inserting in the mix periodically this year.

The first is called, "What is Truth". In this program we talk about how the bible must be our foundation for "TRUTH" and the importance of having a biblical world view.

The 2nd new program that we will be using this year is called, "Fishers of Men" and is about evangelism. This program will be replacing our R.O.C.K.s program that we have used for several years. In this program we will talk about how Jesus said that if we follow him he would make us "FISHERS OF MEN"

Below are a few videos that we have developed for these 2 new programs. 

This video will be used in our "What is Truth" program
2+2 always equals 4 Because it is truth!

What is Truth?

This is a new video called "Pond Monsters" that we will be using in a new
JG program about being Fishers of Men.

Wrong Bait!
Jesus Said "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men"
"Soul winning is a passion not a program

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Children's Ministry or Entertainment?

Children's Ministry or Entertainment?

Over the years we have seen new ideas incorporated into children’s ministry such as; games, multi media, and technology at the expense of watering down the gospel message.

We use most of these methods during our Jubilee Gang events. However, the purpose of our events are not to just entertain and wow the children, but to lay a firm foundation from the word of God that they can build upon to strengthen their faith in Jesus.

Our Goal as the Jubilee Gang is to see as many men, woman, boys, and girls make a legitimate decision to be born again. To many time we have seen people herded to the altar to be saved without fully understanding what is happening to them.

True faith comes from the word of God, The Bible. Without teaching the bible in a way that people can understand they will not have faith to receive what is being offered to them.

If we play games for an hour, wow our audiences with multiple special effects and shout a few scriptures, then how do we expect them to be able to make a legitimate decision to follow Jesus?

We encourage people to use all these methods to teach, but the message cannot get lost in the methods. The word of God needs to always come first in everything we do and all these methods are used to reinforce the message.

By all means use all the new methods the world has to offer to make your lessons the more exciting. Make your Children’s Church the most exciting, spectacular, experience possible for children but, don’t replace sound biblical teaching and anointing with all fun and games. Ask yourself, do I want to have a service or a circus?

Children can get entertained by the world, play video games and hang out with their friends 166 hours per week. Why do we feel we need to duplicate that at church for the 2 hours per week we have them. We as the church have something different to give them. We have the thing they are lacking all week. lets give them more of God, help them grow in the word of God, help them to encounter God, and become more like God.

I'm not against using technology and modern methods of teaching & worship. I use them all. However its all about God. not about the lighting, media & fun and games. we use all that to re enforce what we are teaching. its not the main attraction. God is! If we strip all the stuff away are we left with anything of substance. I can take away all the stuff from our Jubilee Gang programs and still have a message that is relative and challenging to all ages and see life's changed by God and people encountering God.

We must stay relevant to reach this generation. The message never changes, but the method must change. Games, multi media, lighting effects, and video are all very effective ways to get the message across. But if they replace sound biblical teaching and anointing we will produce a generation of fluffy Christians with no spiritual backbone.

Jerry Moyer
The Jubilee Gang

Saturday, May 4, 2013

2013 Summer Tour starting May 29th

Our 2013 Jubilee Gang summer tour starting May 29.
We will be traveling 13,281 miles in 3 months.
May 29-31 Lewisburg, WV -   June 3-4 Portales, NM -   June 5-6 Clovis, NM  -  June 9-11 Bakersfield, CA  -  June 12-14 Yuba City, CA   -   June 17-20   -  Lafayette, LA  -  June 23-25 Willimantic, CT   -  June 26-28    Bristol, CT  -  July 4th Home for Jerry's Birthday  -  June 30-July 2 Cheshire, CT  -   July 8-12 Bowling Rock, NC  -  July 15-18 Fergas Falls, MN   - July 21-24 Midland, TX  -  July 28-31 Tishomingo, OK  -   Aug. 3-4 Oklahoma City, OK   -  Aug. 7-9 Guymon, OK  -  Aug. 10-14 Chandler, OK  -   Aug. 16-18  West Monroe, LA  -  Aug. 19-21 Oxford, MS  -  Aug. 23-25 Hammond, La  -  Aug. 28  -   Radcliff, KY
Aug. 29 Heading home for a few days!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

JG Missouri Update: 84 people born again!

Dear Friends and Partners;

We had an amazing week ministering at 2 churches and a Christian School in Missouri. On April 24-26 we ministered at Grace Fellowship Family Worship Center in Marble Hill, MO. We saw God bless us with his presence during a time of surrendering our will to his and desiring to go deeper in our relationship with him on the last night of the event. During this 3 day event we also saw around 56 people born again.

On Sunday April 28th Jerry ministered to the adults at Sunrise Bible Church in Sunrise Beach, MO then we did a Jubilee Gang event on Sunday night in their christian school gym and saw 11 children born again. On Monday morning we ministered during a christian school assembly and saw 18 children come forward to be born again.

We got to take our granddaughter Aeva on this short trip. She made her JG debut in Marble Hill, MO by singing Jesus Love Me! We have included a video of this below.

So far this year we have seen over 363 people born again during our events across America!

Below are some Pictures and Video from our events in MO last week.

Aeva makes he Singing Debut 

Marble Hill, MO
Alter Call in Marble Hill, MO

Children seeking more of God in Marble Hill, MO

Jerry praying with 11 Children to be born again
in Sunrise Beach, MO

Jerry praying with 17 Children to be born again 
in Sunrise Beach, MO during a christian school assembly.